OTS is pleased to be partnering with Barefoot Farm near Rose, OK in offering a year-long series of workshops: PRACTICALLY GREEN‘.  Barefoot Farm is a small, diverse, practically-organic family farm.  They specialize in low-overhead, low-impact methodology to feed their family, their friends, and the local community. 

At Barefoot Farm we believe the land right here can sustain us – that it can provide all the food and nutrition we need to not just survive, but to thrive.  We are trying to master how to feed ourselves here with the practices of gardening, raising animals, hunting, and foraging.

In our Practically Green series, we aim to cultivate healthy, resilient communities and deepen our connection with the land by sharing how we implement permaculture concepts at our homestead. 

March 31, 2012:  Gear up for the Growing Season with Raised Beds 

Get your hands dirty building a raised bed from start to finish.  Build the frame with resources off of the land.  Learn about best practices for compost and manure.  Gain experience in soil building, mulching, weed control, irrigation, and planting.  Discover the advantages of raised bed design and how these beds can fit anywhere from the backyard to the farmyard.

  • March 31, 2012
  • 9 am to 3 pm
  • Rose, Oklahoma
  • $35 per person, children under 12 are FREE
  • All materials/tools included
  • Bring lunch and snacks

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June/July 2012: Celebrate summer: Wheat harvest 

Dates TBA as the wheat ripens.  Join us in hand-harvesting this year’s wheat harvest and gain experience threshing and winnowing last year’s wheat berries.  Come see for yourself if this is a practical addition to your farmstead.  Learn how much bread can be made from our small plot.  Taste whole wheat products.  Reward your hard work by cooling off in our swimming pond.  Potluck.

September 2012:  Preserving the Harvest 

Learn to extend the season of providing for yourself by solar drying, root cellaring, fermenting, and/or canning.  An emphasis will be placed on the first three low-input methods.

November 17th 2012:  Sharing the Harvest

Complete the cycle of the year by reflecting on lessons learned and visioning for the future.  Join us as we prepare a meal from the land at Barefoot farm and share stories from the harvest. We will harvest greens, dig potatoes and carrots, grind corn, and utilize canned and dried goods from the farm. Come share a farming success story, or help us learn from your mistakes. Feel free to contribute to our food celebration by bringing an item from your own harvest.

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Note:  All workshops will be held outdoors.  No air-conditioning is available on the premises, and facilities are primitive.  Be prepared to experience the seasons as your ancestors did.