Ozark Bird Language Immersion, 2013

What are the birds saying…about you?

What is Bird Language?
Bird Language is the art and science of interpreting the language of nature through the actions of the birds. The language of the birds has been a survival tool for hunter-gatherer societies around the world.  The skill of Deep Listening, developed through the practice of Bird Language, allows the observer to locate other humans, predators, wildlife and to move through the landscape “invisibly”. These techniques allow us to intimately see and experience wildlife unobserved and at a very close distance.

Bird Language opens the door to the mysteries of nature, peaking our curiosity and providing us a glimpse into the lives of wildlife while helping us to remember and experience that we too are a part of nature. Birds give us direct feedback as to how our behavior impacts and is perceived by the natural world. By developing our instinctive awareness and sensitivity to the birds, we rediscover our own connection with the natural mysteries continually unfolding around us.

What is the Ozark Bird Language Immersion?
The OBLI is a yearlong learning journey shared by a small group of folks committed to deeply exploring the language of nature through the birds.  The OBLI has two concurrent aspects:  A 4 weekend workshop series and a Virtual Village consisting of mentoring calls and an online forum. This is year one of a multi-year deep immersion experience into the language of the birds.

Workshop Series:
We received another generous grant from the Ozark Plateau National Wildlife Refuge that is enabling us to provide the workshop series at a fantastic price.  We are gathering for 4 weekend intensive workshops, each with its own seasonal aspect.

The workshop series will be held on the beautiful Ozark Plateau National Wildlife Refuge in Colcord, OK. The refuge adjoins Spavinaw Creek and is home to numerous birds and other wildlife. We are very fortunate to have Rick Bedsworth, a twenty plus year practitioner of Bird Language and contributor to Jon Young’s  Backyard Bird Language Series, as a guest facilitator for this series.

The cost is $99 per weekend workshop and includes food and camping.

2013 Workshop Dates, (Friday 4pm-Sunday 3pm)
April 5-7
June 28-30
October 4-6
December 13-15

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Ozark Bird Language Workshop, $99 per workshop

Virtual Village:
Additionally, we are offering a Virtual Village experience to support the learning journey for those seeking a deeper experience in the form of Monthly Mentoring group calls and an online forum.  Participants will be given monthly homework and challenges to deepen their awareness and bird language skills in their own backyards.

The Virtual Village of the OBLI costs $250 per person.

Conference calls dates (tentative):

May 14
June 25
July 16
August 6
September 3
October 15
November 5

December 10

We will gather each month via teleconference for a 1.5 hour session to share questions, curiosities, mysteries and stories that have arisen as folks have begun to practice these skills.  This rhythm of gathering each month with committed peers and mentors will provide both a rich learning and culturally supported experience.

Outcomes of the OBLI:
This will be an amazing opportunity to embark on a supported and accelerated learning journey with committed mentors and mentees, and to practice one of the most effective Core Routines of Nature Connection, Bird Language.

  • Discover what it means to have Nature as Teacher
  • Acquire a solid foundation of the Core Routines of Nature Connection
  • Develop deep personal relationships with wildlife and the land
  • Cultivate Instinctive Awareness and Deep Listening
  • Experience and practice the Art of Questioning as a mentoring tool
  • Learn the Art of Invisibility to get closer to wildlife
  • Rediscover what it feels like to be native to a place
  • Immerse yourself in a cultural experience of Nature Connection Mentoring
  • Deepen your relationship to self through Inner Tracking

Click to go to registration for:
Ozark Bird Language Workshop, $99 per workshop

Virtual Village- OBLI Mentoring Call Series, $250 per participant (10 Group Calls and Online Forum)