Cybertracker Evaluation & Tracker Certification

This spring, 2015, OTS will host a Cybertracker Track and Sign Specialist Evaluation.
The evaluation is similar to the Tracker Certification (see info below), only it will include an additional evaluator and contains harder level 3 and 4 questions. The Specialist Evaluation is the only way to obtain the Cybertracker Level 4 Certification as a Track and Sign Specialist. Please see the Cybertracker website for more info.

Cybertracker Track and Sign Specialist Evaluation Details:

Dates: April 18-19, 2015, NW Arkansas Region

Cost: $350

Limited to 10 participants

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Contact for more info.

Location: Ozark Area in NW Arkansas, Specific Site Location will be sent to you upon registration

OTS is excited to host the first Cybertracker Evaluation & Tracker Certification in this part of North America.  Cybertracker is a system designed to evaluate African guides and natives for their skill in tracking. Now, North America’s cybertracker is available to us to evaluate and motivate our own learning. A typical Cybertracker Evaluation is a two day field course with an evaluator.

The evaluator will take a group of no more than a dozen out into the field, and select tracks and sign for the student to examine and give an answer. After several tracks and sign are recorded, a detailed discussion is held with the group and increasingly complex questions are asked by the evaluator.  At the end, a score and level of certification is awarded. The evaluation has been used by numerous agencies to evaluate the tracking skills of their personnel.

The Cybertracker Evaluation is limited to 12 participants and is filled on a first-come first-served basis with preference being given to those enrolled in our Tracking Intensive series.  Please register as soon as possible.  If the evaluation is full, you will be notified and placed on the waiting list.

Site Locations

The OTS Tracker Training Program (Intensives & Club) will be held at the following locations.  Upon registration you will be sent details as to which site will be used for which date and specific logistics & directions.

To register or if you have questions, contact

Haroldton Access

Lock & Dam Road

Van Buren, AR 72956

Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge

Vian, OK 74462

Buffalo National River

Jasper Area, AR

Cybertracker Evaluation Details:

Dates: May 31 & June 1, 2014, NW Arkansas Region

Cost: $300

Limited to 12 participants

Register by contacting

Location: Eastern Oklahoma or Ozark Area in NW Arkansas, Specific Site Location will be sent to you upon registration