OTS Tracker Training Program

The craft of tracking is an ancient survival skill set responsible for much our intellectual evolution as human beings and has been coined “the Origin of Science” by Louis Liebenberg.  Tracking has shaped our brains, art, history and culture.  As humans, we are constantly “tracking”, but for some there is a desire to refine this skill.

Tracking takes on many forms- finding lost people, following an animal, revealing the hidden lives of the creatures around us through the stories left on the landscape, unraveling mysterious events and clues that unfold “invisibly” around us, and potentially deepening our relationship with not only the patterns of the natural world, but those of our inner selves.

Whether you want to cultivate the skills necessary to wildlife biologists, nature photographers, hunters, combat trackers, search & rescue personnel or those seeking ancestral connection to the land, a focused journey into tracking can unlock your potential to see what others do not.

The OTS Tracker Tracking Program is designed to help you the cultivate the skills needed to take you down any of these paths and start you on a life long journey of curiosity, discovery and adventure.

Described in more detail below the OTS Tracker Training Program consists of Tracking Intensives, a Tracking Club and the first ever Cybertracker Evaluation & Tracker Certification in the region.
Tracking Intensives will happen one Saturday a month, the morning will be open only to Tracking Intensive participants, but after lunch is a Tracking Club open to all.  The Cybertracker Evaluation will run at the culmination of the Tracking Intensive.  The Tracker Training Program will take you across Central/Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma and most days will be from 9am to 4pm at a field site.

Tracking Intensives

Tracking Club

Cybertracker Evaluation & Tracker Certification

Site Locations

The OTS Tracker Training Program (Intensives & Club) will be held at the following locations.  Upon registration you will be sent details as to which site will be used for which date and specific logistics & directions.

To register or if you have questions, contact tracking@ozarktrackers.org

Haroldton Access

Lock & Dam Road

Van Buren, AR 72956

Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge

Vian, OK 74462

Buffalo National River

Jasper Area, AR