Bird Language Leaders, 2015


Fellow Bird lovers!

We invite you to join us for two dynamic trainings to become Bird Language Leaders. This new collaboration with the National Audubon Society promises to awaken deep natural connections through understanding the bird communication patterns in a landscape. Audubon Arkansas is excited to partner with the Ozark Tracker Society to provide the only Bird Language Leaders programming in the State!

Bird language learning opportunities are not only fun, they foster deep bonds in communities and across generations. They support the development of a profound appreciation of the communication networks of birds and wildlife, allowing participants to become more responsible, connected stewards of the environment.

“Birds talk to each other. We can understand it. And it’s fun!” – Joe Ellis, National Audubon Society Board Member

Event Details:

Bird Language Evening Session
Date: Friday, May 29th
Time: 7 – 8:30 pm
Cost: Free
Location: Little Rock Audubon Center
4500 Springer Blvd, Little Rock 

This free informal evening session is a great introduction to those wanting to learn more about bird language as we explore the core concepts of interpretive bird language. We will discuss ways in which this ancient art form can expand our understanding of the natural mysteries that surround us and deepen our sense of environmental connection.

Bird Language Leaders Daylong Field Workshop
Date: Saturday, May 30th
Time: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Cost: $45 Individual, $65 Family
Location: Little Rock Audubon Center
4500 Springer Blvd, Little Rock  

At this in depth workshop, you’ll spend the day exploring the dynamic interconnections of nature through learning bird language. Birds are the “alarm system” of the forest, broadcasting the whereabouts of hawks, owls, foxes and more through their calls and postures. Learn through a combination of engaging presentations coupled with guided field observation techniques. Topics covered include: understanding the five voices of the birds, interpreting the shapes of alarm, engaging in the senses of nature, key bird species for learning bird language, journal keeping techniques, and more!

Learn from experienced nature connection leaders who will provide instruction and insight into the power of bird language. In just a few hours, you’ll gain the core tools for interpreting bird language that you can use to enhance your own birding experiences. Plus, these behavioral patterns can be applied around the world.

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