Chickadees Nature Discovery

Chickadees is a nature discovery program for preschool children ages 3-5. The program is based on seasonal exploration and free play in nature and the curriculum is curiosity driven and student interest led. We let nature be the teacher, creating a safe and comfortable environment for adventures and discovery in nature. Our goal is to instill individual confidence as well as empathy for the earth and each other.

Experiences of the Chickadees program:

  • Low child to mentor ratio
  • Safety and comfort in nature and how to dress for the weather
  • Animals and tracking
  • Native edible and medicinal plants
  • Birds and bird song
  • Ecology and sustainability
  • Nature arts and creativity, songs and storytelling
  • Sensory awareness and directions
  • Respect for nature and others
  • Self-confidence and resilience
  • Hand-eye coordination and balance
  • Quiet, stress relief in nature

WHY Chickadees?

Our goal is to help children and parents develop healthy relationships with self, the Earth, and community. Through deep nature connection, we learn individual passions while fostering empathy for nature and each other. We want to leave the earth better than we found it and to ensure a healthy land for future generations. Research suggests that Responsible Environmental Behavior is in part fostered by direct, sensory experiences in nature at a very early age. We want our youngest children to have the chance to not only connect emotionally with the earth, but also encourage self reliance, creativity, imaginative play, hand-eye coordination, balance and physical strength that the outdoors provides and is often absent from traditional preschool programs.


Chickadees is a 6-week seasonal nature immersion program for 3 (potty trained)-5 year-olds.

Open House: TBD

Come to an informal gathering to discuss the Chickadees program and see if your child is a good fit.

Fall 2015:

September 14th-October 23rd

Monday and Wednesday morning, 9am to noon

Location TBD (we are looking for the best spot for Chickadees…email us with ideas!)

Cost: $350 per child, with $50 discount for second child

(If you are interested in one day a week, email us at

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Educational Philosophy:

Chickadees learning style is based on both the “Coyote Mentoring” model based Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature by Jon Young and the Forest Kindergarten model best described by Cedarsong Nature School, where one of our mentors, Sarah Hammond, PhD received the highest level of training in the Forest Kindergarten model in the U.S. This approach is different from most traditional environmental education in that the goal is less a collection of knowledge given by adults, and more of a mentoring approach where child passion drives the deep connection experiences and children learn on their own rather than being “taught” by adults. Our goal is to help children to find their individual gifts and to recognize and respect the gifts of others. If you are interested in this educational approach, check out our adult and family events, and come experience it for yourself!